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Samsung Spinpoint F4EG Review

Samsung is a brand that might not immediately come to mind for most users when they think of hard drives, but those in the know have likely been using them for a while. In this review, we’re looking at Samsung’s updated green hard drive, the Spinpoint F4EG (EG for EcoGreen). Building on the success of the F3EG, Samsung historically has a good history of producing a quality hard drive with a very competitive price.

So what does the F4EG bring to the table? The big gain is a reduction in the number of platters. While its predecessor, the F3EG, ran with four platters, the F4EG is able to get away with just three. That’s three platters with a stunning density of 667GB each, ratcheting the overall capacity of the F4EG to 2TB. The increased platter density means less platters are needed to hit the 2TB target, giving the motor a reprieve and reducing power consumption and noise in the process.

Samsung Spinpoint F4EG (HD204UI) Specs

  • 2TB unformatted capacity
  • SATA 3Gb/s interface
  • 32MB cache
  • 5400RPM spin speed
  • Average Seek time – 8.9 ms
  • Data Transfer Rate / Media to/from Buffer(Max.) – 250MB/sec
  • Data Transfer Rate / Buffer to/from Host(Max.) – 300MB/sec
  • Average Latency – 5.52 ms
  • Drive Ready Time(typical) – 13 sec
  • Non-recoverable Read Error 1 sector in 1015 bits
  • Acoustics – Idle 2.5/2.6 Bel, Performance Seek 2.8/2.9 Bel
  • Temperature / Operating 0 ~ 60 °C
  • Temperature / Non-operating -40 ~ 70 °C
  • Seek (typical) 5.7W
  • Read/Write (typical) 6.3W
  • Idle (typical) 5.1W
  • Standby (typical) 1W
  • Sleep (typical) 1W
  • Weight (avg.) 650g

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