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Samsung PM 840 SSD

Samsung has released two new SSDs, the PM 840 and PM 840 Pro. These SSDs follow the PM 830. Both versions share the new MDX controller that now works at 300 MHz with 512 MB of cache.

The PM 840 uses TLC memory (3 bits per cell), which allows the SSD to point to 540MB/s read and 330MB/s write for the 4 KB to 100,000 IOPs read and write IOPs 70,000 . It will be available in 120, 250 and 500 GB for the price of $109, $199 and $449.

The Pro version uses MLC memory in 21 nm, and also has the AES 256 bits feature. There’s also the Over Provisioning feature for capabilities¬†of 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB. The rates are also higher on the Pro model¬†achieving a max 540MB/sec read and 520MB/sec write, to 100,000 IOPS read and 90,000 write IOPs, for at least 4 KB. The price of this Pro version is also higher, $149 for the 128 GB version, $269 for 256GB and $599 for 512 GB.

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