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Samsung P2570HD 24.6-Inch Full 1080p HDTV LCD Monitor

Samsung P2570HD 24.6-Inch Full 1080p HDTV LCD Monitor - Black

Now you can take a break from work and watch HDTV. The P2570HD monitor features a built-in 1080p digital HDTV tuner – which means you can play high definition games and watch blu-ray movies. With sharp, full HD images, you’ll be amazed at the quality. It also has a beautiful TOC design and crystal clear neck with ultra-slim dimensions. Plus it’s Energy Star rated so it uses 50% less energy and RoHs compliant since we cut down hazardous materials during the production process. This Samsung monitor gives you something beautiful to stare at, whether it’s on or off.

Samsung P2570HD 24.6-Inch Full 1080p HDTV LCD Monitor – Black Rose


  • Built-in full HD 1080p digital HDTV tuner so you can watch both TV and HDTV, play high definition games, and watch blu-ray movies
  • 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution delivers sharp, crystal clear images with vidid color, 4ms response time
  • The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection makes your monitor a multimedia centerpiece
  • Clear acryic neck for the appearance of a floating monitor
  • 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio gives you sharper image quality that’s sure to catch your eye

User Reviews

Very high quality video from this Samsung monitor,TV.Highly recommend this unit for your bedroom or PC monitor. You will be amazed at the quality of the picture on a unit this inexpensive — Samsung HDTV

Wonderful picture! The colors are vivid and the “black” images have significant depth. It’s beefy, though, so if you get a desktop mount of any kind, make sure it’s stout enough to hold this unit. — All Around Good Buy!

Purchasing refurbished items is ussually frowned upon but I believe Amazon provides the best assurance possible when selecting where to buy the product from. My refurbished monitor is in excellent condition and has been on since I bought it. I am sure it is not true in all cases since the items might have a little more wear but all in all it is a good gamble to save money.

This particular monitor is great. I live in a small apartment and this it my main monitor and TV as well. The color is great and gaming is excellent. Of course I knew this from extensive reading on the monitor.

SRB — Refurb or Not? Still a great product

I am writing from a consumer point of view, who uses this unit as a tv and a monitor in a small apartment. I am a law school student who appreciates good electronics and is fairly tech-savvy, but am in no way a computer or visual professional. I have written it to hopefully address anything you might run across, and make up your mind on this unit.

FIRST a note to anyone trying to use this as a monitor via the HDMI input, this tv is set up for that connection to be used as a ‘tv’ by default, which is why everyone is having issues using the HDMI port as a monitor, it is very easy to fix (but you will lose audio via hdmi, so you’ll have to plug in from the headphone jack). I got this from a review on newegg, and it works perfectly.

-Hit the Menu button on your remote
-Scroll down to Input, Press right.
-Scroll down to Edit Name, Hit Enter.
-Scroll down to HDMI, Hit Enter.
-Scroll down to DVI PC, Hit Enter.

I guess it is a firmware issue, but again, easily correctable, and explains many of the very negative reviews on here regarding image quality as a monitor via HDMI.

Now, onto the review. This thing is incredibly pleasing aesthetically. The touch of red is just nuanced enough to be perfect, and really gives it a nice touch. The bezel itself is fairly narrow (TV standards), although I guess you could consider it thick for a stand alone monitor. It is bright glossy black with the touch of red inlaid along the outside, with a very narrow clear frame that bring the unit together. The actual speakers are invisible, and if one saw this on a desk, they would probably be surprised to hear the sound coming out. Complementing the touch of red are the on-unit controls, which are normally invisible, but light up when you touch the panel, again red to match the darker accents on the monitor itself. The base is of a fairly decent size and is mostly black, with the same hint of red, while the neck to the monitor is clear plastic, which means it usually turns the color of whatever might be behind it.

As far as utility and movement goes, there appears to be considerable confusion: the unit both swivels, and tilts, albeit with caveats. Most other tvs that I have seen, including my parents 32″ 2007 samsung turn from side to side along the neck, e.g., it appears that the tv, when swiveled, is facing off center. This unit has a much better setup, the base and the monitor swivel around an internal, smaller unit, so it appears that the entire monitor is turning along the surface. This is of course, not the case. This works much better than my parents tv and other setups I have seen, because the range of motion is very limited if just the neck is turning, otherwise it becomes unstable or untenable for it to turn further, therefore your range of motion is very limited. Because on this unit, the base itself rotates around a center unit, it can be turned to face completely backwards if necessary, a pretty neat trick, all while looking like it is facing that particular direction. You will know when it has reached the limit of its range, because it will stop turning. The only issue this might cause, if you are turning the monitor on a regular basis, is that you cannot have it resting on a cloth that will `catch’ on the bottom of the rotating base, because it will drag it in-tandem with the rotation of the monitor. I understand how people get confused, I was trying to turn the lcd, like my parents unit, while keeping the base motionless, and it’s not possible, but again, the way it does swivel is quite superior.

Now, onto the tilt. It tilts, but only up from a flat horizontal plane, it cannot be tilted down past where it would be even with the desk underneath it. Not a problem for me, but might be for someone who is sticking it on a shelf on their desk, above their viewpoint. Also, in comparison to some other monitors, it does not have any built in height adjustment. Not an issue if you are using it at a standard desk (it has a fairly long ‘neck’), but something to note.

As far as performance from a , the p2570hd is incredible for the price point. I will address using it as a monitor first. Again most negative reviews involving image quality as a monitor had to do with the HDMI issue, and I admit when you plug in a standard HDMI from a computer, (either hdmi-hdmi or dvi-hdmi), the image looks atrocious, it doesn’t scale right, and is very blurry and pixelated. For whatever reason, you have to do the fix outlined above. Then, like magic, it comes into perfect and absolutely gorgeous focus. It looks stunning, pictures are great, everything looks right, without any adjustments (it is very bright however, might have to turn that down a touch or two.) As a monitor, it also does an incredible job via VGA. If you are worried about your computer not being able to handle it, my parents’ older 2007 dell laptop with just standard graphics (onboard intel), sends VGA 1080P to this unit flawlessly. My 2006 Dell with onboard nvidia 7600 256 looks the same via dvi-hdmi as my parents via VGA—flawless. If you have a computer from pre-2004 (just guessing), you might have some problems. Also, all of my computer were running Windows 7 without installation of any Samsung drivers, so do not worry that Samsung does not have a windows 7 driver out, it’s not necessary and if your computer can run windows 7, it should do perfectly fine with this monitor. Just a note, the HDMI fix is ONLY necessary if you are using the HDMI port for the monitor application. VGA-VGA perfect… DVI-DVI perfect. The speakers are great for monitor use (again MONITOR USE, TV use later in review), because you are sitting close to it.

As far as the monitor’s color production goes, it looks great, as long as you are at, or above eye level. I have a hard time imagining a desk where this monitor would be significantly higher than an individual’s eye level, so you should be okay. That being said, if you are below eye level, you will see the picture darkened somewhat. The viewing angle is definitely slanted towards either eye-level or above, which makes perfect since for a monitor… you will either be sitting in front of it, or if others are around, they would be standing and looking down at it, which actually is not bad at all to do. Horizontal viewing angles are not bad at all, equal to or better than both my 2006 dell laptop’s 17″ with the WSXGA Wide XGA+ resolution, or my parents 2007 dell with a standard WXGA panel. They are however, limited compared to our ollllld dell desktop’s CRT 17″ monitor. But completely useable from a monitor standpoint.

I do NOT, however, recommend using this as a long distance monitor… anything further than about 5 feet out, and you will be squinting big time if you are trying to read text/edit documents. You might be able to boost text size via windows and make it useable, but to be honest, no monitor in this size range can perform any better from a distance. If you are using it to say, pull up Hulu from a distance, you should be fine.

As far as input lag or ghosting goes as a monitor, I have not picked up on any. I have used Netflix (Terminator 2), my computer’s onboard DVD player, and some actual PC games, and everything is silky smooth without any perceived lag or ghosting effects. I know there is supposedly a large difference between the newer 120hz panels and this 60hz panel, but I’m not really buying it. I have never noticed ghosting on my parents 60hz panel, or on other 60hz panels I have seen, or any input lag for that matter, I am guessing the difference is likely techno-hype, or only discernible in very exclusive applications. I imagine some cheaper 60hz panels have some issues with this type of thing, but the Samsung handles it fine.

Now, as far as the TV itself goes, the HDMI is plug and play, and shoots out flawless HD (720p via Dish Network) picture without any issues. I imagine that the port is calibrated for this use (by default), and that is why some people have issues using the HDMI for PC purposes. Monitor also shoots out perfect 1080P via component connection through an xbox 360, a huge bonus for those that have legacy models without HDMI, like myself. The older model of this panel actually had 2 HDMI inputs, this only has one… however on the old panel, one input was in the side and hardly useable, along with the RCA out-jack, so moving everything to the back and losing an HDMI port is fine with me. You should be able to use component video cables to give yourself two HD sources for tv applications anyways. Standard definition looks fine, nothing to really brag about, but nothing to really drag on either, probably slightly below average in relation to set-top LCD tvs, but this monitor also costs over a hundred less, so I consider it a wash. More than watchable. Via TV applications, again, did not pick up any input lag for gaming, or ghosting via tv, even in very heavy action sequences.

The picture itself looks fine, I only turned down the brightness and contrast to get a picture I really liked, either via hdmi or component. The viewing angles that were not much of an issue for monitor application could be trouble here. If you plan on sticking this as a tv unit in your bedroom or up on a high dresser, you will want to buy a wall mount that lets you tilt the tv downwards, otherwise the viewing angle will be too much. Ditto if you plan on have this on an entertainment stand and people will be watching it from the floor. Horizontally it does fine, and even alright vertically if you are above it, both from a distance+close, but if you are below it, then it will not perform well. This fact is probably the single largest detraction of the unit, but when you consider what this panel is trying to do, for the pricepoint and capability it brings, they had to let some things go, and this is hardly a deal breaker. For my personal situation, it does not hurt anything, but some people might think differently. You cannot expect this to be equal in performance to a dedicated tv that costs hundreds of dollars more. The Samsung memorizes your picture settings for inputs (a nice touch), making flipping between them easy and painless.

I personally have no qualms with the sound, it is definitely on the tinny side, but more than serviceable for the average person. If you are used to using a sound system or high cost audio systems that cost more than this actual monitor/tv, than yes, this will be a step down and you will likely be disappointed… but for the size/price, it does fine. If you want to divert the sound to a sound system, it is painless, there is an optical audio out, and a headphone jack out… if you want the standard red/white RCA, just buy the plug (maybe 4 bucks) that converts single headphone audio to the dual setup (green to white/red)… yeah you’ll probably lose a little fidelity in the process, but nothing that 99.99% of the population will be able to pick up on. Either way, if the sound bothers you, it is simple to either hook it up to you sound system (as described), or just use the headphone jack to hook to a pair of computer speakers.

So, despite one drawback (upward viewing angles), when you consider what this Samsung accomplishes for the pricepoint, it is an easy five star rating. 1080P monitors in this size range will cost you maybe 50 bucks less, and will perform similarly, whereas this unit has a fully function tv built into it, and looks incredibly gorgeous to boot.

Hopefully this review helped your decision, and I stress that this text is for a consumer, a visual professional will likely want to look elsewhere to find the minute differences that 99% of the population will never even notice/care about.

Note: I am not a Samsung fan-boy or the type of person that simply gushes over a product because they own it. For example, Samsung impression cell phone, incredibly bad phone that made me regret buying a Samsung. My2570HD (not purchased from amazon) does have one stuck pixel that I haven’t been able to fix, but that’s just the luck of the draw for any manufacturer/tv/lcd, and Samsung is better than most. It is in a not-noticeable spot, so I am not too worried about it.

Everything You Need to Know (Hopefully!)

Using as a secondary monitor as well as with my Xbox360. The image is sharp, but the viewing range is pretty limited which means colors can warp from top to bottom screen even when you’re sitting directly in front of it. Do NOT buy this monitor for digital art/design.

The monitor itself is very attractive. The touch sensitive buttons on the front (power on, volume, etc) are pretty useless. I always grab the remote even it it’s farther away than the tv.

It handles tv and film very well, especially from a distance (but that kinda defeats the purpose of the high resolution). — Decent Video, Mediocre Monitor

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