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Samsung Officially Announces QWERTY-keyboard Touting Smart TV Remote

Samsung has just come forth to show off their latest remote set for use with their line up of ’smart TVs’. As you can see from the above picture, this remote features a QWERTY-keyboard making it easy for text input when searching for new content or even browsing the web. According to Samsung, this device will be available packaged with their D7000 and D8000 line up in addition to featuring compatibility with their D6300 line up.

While this may not seem like a big deal, Samsung’s implementation of all the most important elements of a keyboard stuffed into a television remote will prove itself to be crucial when the smart TV market catches on. Oh, and just to make things clear, this is for use with Samsung’s own smart TVs with no mention of a Google TV powered television featuring compatibility with the remote.



  1. Vadim says:

    This nices device, and I like it, but the problem is to enter foreign characters. If you need to type foreign characters, you can try the virtual keyboard for Smart TV:

    On Samsung TV it works with regular remote control and you can type, for example, “Lord of the Rings” in 4 clicks (besides moving cursor), not bad.
    It also allows entering text in bunch of other languages, like Spanish, Arabic, Russian, etc.

    For TV the trick is to enter URL for the first time, but if you will set it as a homepage for TV browser, it will always stay there and allow you easily enter queries and navigate to other sites and URLs. Note, if you try it using regular PC, you need to use mouse and it may not work properly in IE 7 browser, only 8 and 9.

  2. Chris Vizz says:

    I think this remote looks great and I really want a “Smart” TV. It is so high tech and cool. Bring it on Samsung

  3. alankrita says:

    I agree that its a real cool remote control but the remote itself isn’t aesthetically appealing, but there are some high points. And though we’ve seen devices like this before, it’ll be a nice freebie for consumers.

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