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SageTV V7.1.7 Beta is Ready!

Changes of note in V7.1


-Support for Hauppauge Colossus
-Complete over the air analog & digital lineups for the entire US and Canada (all channels on Zap2it’s site will now be included, and ATSC channels have their physical channel included already)
-Added ability to create Favorites for Sports Teams
-Added awards information for movies (i.e. Academy Award for Best Picture, and things like that)
-Major improvements to smooth FF/REW quality on HD media extenders
-True frame stepping support on the HD300 and support for seeking while paused
-Placeshifter auto-reconnect when connections are dropped
-Major improvements to latency issues in the placeshifter
-Channel logos provided by SageTV
-EPG data enhancements (season/epsiode numbers, improved detection of ‘unique’ airings, more than 2 levels of categories, additional flags for various Airing properties such as Live, Dolby5.1, Letterbox, etc.)
-Images related to many of the movies in the EPG
-WOL support for SageTVClient

More detailsĀ at the SageTV Forums.

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