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Runco Signature Cinema SC-50d and SC-60d Home Theater Projectors

Runco introduced its new Signature Cinema SC-50d and SC-60d projectors for the high-end luxury home theater market. Both projectors are ready for 3D support and support for multiple formats, including Active3D with active shutter glasses, passive or glazed-based solutions.

Runco’s SC-50d and SC-60d features a 3-chip DLP DMD SuperOnyx System Full HD 1080p native resolution, Smart Lens system with an adjustable motorized lens and a high efficiency lighting, consisting of two UHP lamps. Both are supplied with Runco’s Digital High Definition (DHD) external video processor controller. Even for an unparalleled display of 2.35:1 CinemaScope Hollywood standards, the SC-50D and 60D SC decision with legendary Runco CineWide Auto Scope technology.

Main difference between the two projectors are their typical bulb still life, 50D 1300 hours, while the 60D offers 2,000 hours. The Signature Cinema SC-50D SC 60D and at $ 88,995 and $ 98,995 or priced and will be released in autumn 2010.

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