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Roku XR Got Updated: 1080p

Looks like the good folks at Roku aren’t phoning it in this holiday season as they’ve pushed a modest update to their media streamer lineup ($60 and up). Highlights include the promised 1080p support for prior generation XR units and a variety of Hulu Plus optimizations for everyone. The complete 2.9-b1509 changelog can be found on their forum, or you can just run with our excerpt:

  • Enabled 1080P support for XR units.
  • Hulu application optimizations for quicker trick play navigation and start of playback.
  • Fixed playback of poorly interleaved video streams which resulted in rebuffers around the 25 minute mark in Roku Newscaster programs.
  • Fixed a remaining case of playback at the incorrect aspect ratio.
  • Fixed a subtle audio playback issue in UFC streaming.

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