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Review for SilverStone Milo ML01


Silverstone has developed the Milo series, designer to be compact and still offering good airflow. Also, SilverStone’s Milo series can accommodate many system components.

We tested the SilverStone Milo ML01, and here are the results.

The contents of the package were: the case itself, US power cable, user’s manual, screws and other installation hardware. Foot stand are also included, so you can setup the Milo horizontally or vertically. With the card reader models, a paper with the USB pin configuration is included; however, the card reader version of ML01 take up the external 3.5” drive bay, and since there is only a single external 3.5” drive bay, this could cause problems to some users. The case weighs 5 kg and measures in at 330 x 98 x 423 mm.

Opening the ML01, you can notice that internal drives can be mounted perpendicularly to the external drive bays, so that the drive is positioned directly in front of the intake fan. There are also series of vents to help with the ventilation.

To test the ML01, we decided to use power hungry components, to check how well the ML01 is able to hold up with desktop component. Our philosophy was that if the Milo ML01 is able to withstand a Pentium D processor with a TDP of 95W, it should have no problems with other Pentium with less power. We also wanted to test the acoustics of the chassis. Here is a list of the components we chose

Hardware Components Processor

Intel Pentium D 820
Motherboard: Intel Q965 MB
Memory: 2 x 512MB DDR2-800
Hard Drives: 2 x ST3320620AS
Optical Drives: 16x DVD+/-R Cooling: SilverStone Nitrogon NT03
Case: SilverStone Milo SST-ML01B-R
Power Supply: SilverStone 300W

Software Components

Operating System: Ubuntu Desktop

The installation was straightforward, thanks also to the manual documenting very well the procedures. To test the case, we used two hard drives, using both the internal and the external 3.5” drive bay. To do this with a card reader model you will have to remove it. However, installing a second hard drive was very hard, so we wouldn’t advise it. We encountered no problems during installation and also during operation of standard desktop components. We run into no heat related issues: after over an hour, the system temperatures had varied from 50° to 60° C.

In conclusion, the product is unique and well designed; there are a few faults, though. Since there are many ventilation holes, dust filters would have been a good idea; and with the card reader taking up the external 3.5” drive, there is no room for a second hard drive bay. Greater room for cable management and storage would have been nice, too.

However, the Milo ML01 is an excellent product for its compact size.

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