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Review: ASRock CoreHT 252B and Server versions

Anandtech recently tested two very interesting new nettops from ASRock, the CoreHT 252B (Sandy Bridge) and its CoreHT Server variation that integrates two 2.5″ hard drives at 7200 RPM.


Remember that CoreHT 252B is the successor of the Core 100HT. This new version differs from its predecessor mainly by its architecture, which passes from Clarkdale to Sandy Bridge (Core i5-2520M). Besides the many gains in terms of performance and consumption, it is especially the video processing has been enhanced with the Intel HD 3000 graphics which manages the 3D (HDMI 1.4a), the Intel QSV transcoding and offers a much better postprocessing filters. It is certainly not yet at a GeForce or Radeon midrange, but the level of performance is more than enough for most uses.

Access to CoreHT 252B test

In parallel, Anandtech has a test of the CoreHT Server version, still Sandy Bridge (Core i5-2410M), but shipping with two 2.5″ HDDs of 7200 rpm for the interesting use of RAID 0 or 1 (Intel H67 chipset).

Access to CoreHT Server complete test

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