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Renice X3 mSATA SSD Review

The recent refresh of notebooks by Lenovo and others has given users new storage options by way of an mSATA port. Previously the ThinkPads, for instance, had such a port but it was used for things like wireless cards, never being properly enabled for use with SSDs. Now, along with Lenovo, vendors like Asus and Dell are making their mSATA ports SSD friendly. Good timing then for the Renice X3 mSATA SSD which comes in 25GB, 60GB and 120GB capacities and features a SandForce SF-1222 processor that drives 260MB/s reads and 200MB/s writes.

Renice X3 SSD Specs

  • 50mm mSATA in MINI PCI-E form factor
  • Capacities: 25GB, 60GB, 120GB
  • SandForce SF-1222 processor
  • Max Read Rate: 260MB/sec
  • Max Write Rate: 200MB/sec
  • 4kb Random Read IOPS: 30,000
  • Size: 50.35 x 30x 3.46mm
  • Net Weight: <6g
  • Power – Idle: <0.5W, Active: <0.9W
  • MTBF: >2,000,000 hours

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