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Raspbmc: new update and upcoming features

raspbmc_logoJust a few days before the arrival of summer, the Raspberry Pi’s XBMC distribution is back with a new update where the changelog mentions quite a few fixes and a few new features.

The main changes to note in this new version is the support of Stealth Nighthawk F117A, an HDMI dongle on XBMC, adding new skins, the ability to use two simultaneous audio outputs (HDMI and analog), or compatibility with Raspberry Pi camera  add-on for taking pictures at regular intervals. There is also good news like improved performance and stability for high bitrate HD video playback .

The developers also took the opportunity to announce a future update in next July, with the addition of a Raspbmc Cloud feature, who will perform backups and automatically restore the settings from the “cloud” in the case of a reinstallation, and a little surprise…

Full details are available from the Raspbmc official website at

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