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Raspberry Pi | HTPC project | CPU OC @ 950 mhz

This is my raspberry pi torrent downloader , media server running debian Raspbian Image with samba server , transmission bitTorent client and XBMC media player.

The case is made from the inner of an old pc case. I use an internal sata HDD 500GB for the storage, a sata/ide to usb converter to connect to the raspberry pi, a Logilink usb hub to conect other usb devices and a cheap 5.25″ LCD Panel Fan Speed Controller temp sensor.

  • Raspberry Pi Model B(OC@950Mhz)
  • Sd card: Sandisk 8 GB class 4
  • Usb hub: LogiLink UA0085
  • HDD: Hitachi sata 500GB
  • Wlan: Realtec 802.11n 300mbps (RLT8191SU)
  • Keyboard: iPazzPort 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • Power supply: CS-120/ (12V/2A-5V/2A)
  • OS: Raspbian “wheezy” (optimised version of Debian)

by mariakos100

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