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RAIDR Express, the PCI-E SSD by ASUS

Briefly introduced at CES, the ASUS RAIDR EXPRESS unfolds a little more on SweClockers. This new PCI-Express SSD takes the form of a PCI-Express card x2 Gen2 (or 1 GB/s in each direction) that integrates a PCI-Express to SATA bridge, two SandForce SF-2281 controller and a Toshiba NAND MLC 19nm.



At first, the 120 and 240 GB versions will be launched, with the performance to 765/775 MB/s (sequential read/write) for the first and 830/810 MB/s for the second. Reads and random writes are 100K IOPS, but note that it is not clear whether this performance is obtained with compressible or incompressible data.

Power consumption is high for an SSD as 7 watts at idle and 16 watts in operation, the fault is probably of the PCI-E to SATA bridge. Note that ASUS highlights the TRIM support, a feature also supported by the OCZ PCI-Express SSD but has never been functional under Windows. OCZ products are managed as SCSI devices, and if TRIM equivalent is available (SCSI Unmap) it is only supported by Windows 8… but not by OCZ drivers.


We should expect that ASUS will do it better, because if not users on a recent Intel platform will benefit from using two SATA 6Gb/s RAID 0 SSD, TRIM is supported in this configuration. ASUS software deliver a RAMDisk software, configuration app(SSD TweakIt) software to balance the load between the RAIDR, hard drive and RAMDisk (ROG HybriDisk), a benchmark software (ROG CrystalDiskMark), a toolkit to update and secure erase and the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013.

The RAIDR EXPRESS should be launched in mid-May.


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