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Prolimatech MK-26: a GPU Cooler

Last week, Prolimatech added in its catalogthe  MK-26, an heatsink for graphic cards. Rather large, this model is able to provide cooling of the latest models like the Radeon HD 7970 from AMD, or the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. Discover the full specifications of this beast.

This heatsink is quite big, it measures 257.1 x 146 x 47.1 mm and weighs 583 grams. It consists of two blocks of aluminum fins which are differentiated by their size. They are connected to the base by six copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm. Know that sink occupies two slots, and up to three fans installed once.

Regarding compatibility, it can sit on the vast majority of graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA. We may include the GeForce GTX 670 and 680, or the Radeon HD 7800 and 7900. By cons, we were amazed by the lack of support for the recent GTX 660 Ti. Note that for compatibility with the AMD GPU, you must use a specific support included in the bundle. Remains to be seen during testing if this arrangement does not reduce the performance of the heatsink.

For the fans, this cooler can receive up to two 120 or 140 mm models. Must imperatively be purchased separately as they are not provided. Fixation is achieved via simple metal clips, most fans are therefore compatible except models that have a specific framework.

The bundle includes several screws for mounting, heatsinks for individual memory cards and those for the PSU, a tube of thermal paste, the clips for the fans, and a sticker. We also note the presence of a “Y” adapter with two four-pin PWM connectors, which is interesting.

This model is already available on the market at the rate of $82 , which is rather high, since it is necessary to add the price of two fans. Remains to be seen if the performance can justify that kind of money…

Prolimatech MK-26 Features

  • Best in its class 320 Watts TDP
  • Industrial leading design and style
  • Six 6mm nickle plated sintered metal copper heat pipes
  • Nickel plated aluminum dual radiators
  • All lead-free nickel solder
  • Support for two 140mm or two 120mm fans
  • Omni-mount bracket mounting system for easy tool-free installation
  • Wide compatibility with new and future VGA cards
  • Excellent performance PK-3 thermal compound included
  • Y-split 4-pin connector for powering two fans with the VGA board

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