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Production of Logitech Revue Suspended

Only a few days before the opening of CES, where connected tablets and TVs promise to feature very strongly, with Google TVs in the foreground, we have some bad news: Logitech has suspended production of its Revue, for an unknown period of time.

The Revue is a small black box with keyboard, which is used with your TV and gives it all the connected features you could want: Internet and email access, social networks, VOD, TV programme search and so on. The Android Store was also in the pipeline with applications expected for TV format, just as are already available for the plethora of smartphones now out there and using the platform.

We recently learned of Google’s request that Google TV manufacturers put back the launch date for compatible TVs (to give time for bug fixes flagged up in the US). Logitech would seem to have been affected by the repercussions.

Note: only production has been suspended (temporarily?), not the marketing of the Revue.


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