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Prices for Sandy Bridge-E Released?

Future prices of Sandy Bridge-E are not yet announced. But here is some information that can get you an idea.

When a new processor model comes from Intel, generally, prices do not diferent (or not) from those of the previous generation. To enter into the heart of the subject, a source tells us, for example, the Core i7-3960X will be sold for $999, like the previous Extreme Edition, which was the same price for the high-end Pentium 4. But this time, Intel will not give a cooler, making it a bit more expensive pack whether to buy an additional solution heat dissipation.

The Core i7-3930K is going to replace the Core i7-980 and should be the same price, or $583, like its little brother the Core i7-3820 showing the succession of his counterpart with a most accessible price that should be of $294. This is slightly cheaper than the Core i7-2600K, which pushes us to ask questions about the performance of this chip.

Table source: AnandTech

Of course, the price information was not yet officially released by Intel, please take this with the usual precautions.

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