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PowerColor HD 7850 1GB SCS3 passive is official

UPDATE: Price added

PowerColor had already tease their card on Facebook, and now come the time to formalize the first passive HD 7850 on the market: the HD 7850 SCS3.


In terms of features it is important not to expect a factory or other overclocking. We are dealing with a Pitcairn Pro GPU of 1024SP clocked at 850MHz and accompanied by 1GB of GDDR5 1200MHz over 256-bit bus. It is cooled by an imposing radiator with 6 heat pipes of 6mm in diameter, but that is not the only reason for the success of the passive HD 7850. PowerColor also relies on the use of  the “Gold Power Kit”, a name that the company gave to the use of high quality components to reduce energy losses and therefore the heat to be dissipated on the HD 7850 compared to a classic design.

It obviously remains to wait for the verdict tests whether this card is actually a success, and of course its price was not yet announced (UPDATE: 250$)…

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