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Popcorn Hour S-300: more compact

Syabas continues to launch its new range by extending the 300 series. The latest S-300 seeks the best of both worlds, the excellent but bulkier PopCorn Hour A-300, and the media gateway Popbox v8. Its audience: digital signage in stores.

The remote has followed the same diet weight loss as the case, thought to potentially hide at the back of a TV. To be tested, because we really enjoyed the large model. At first sight, hope we are wrong, you lose the backlight, present on both the A-300 and the Popbox V8.

To see if the “soft touch” surface is always cool, not-sure…

About the storage, 4GB included in the form of a USB key inside the box, particularly useful for some embedded applications: Weather, Twitter, RSS feeds. The playback of multimedia files goes through the network or USB ports.

As usual, the lack of fan ensures a quiet operation.

About the connections, there are HDMI, VGA, 2 USB ports and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (Wi-Fi is optional).

The bad surprise: the target price expected in April 2012 is €249 for Europe and $219 for those elsewhere, a rate that is defined primarily for merchants wishing to switch from one computer to manage their display systems.

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