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Popcorn Hour C-300 Review

We take the same and start again, this could be the slogan of the Popcorn Hour C-300. Indeed, it takes the general shape and the hybrid concept, of the multimedia and Blu-ray box, the PCH C-200. The electronics and software part its strictly identical to the A-300. Nothing new then? But of course if: a color LCD screen is grafted on the front of the camera.

As we have seen, the Popcorn Hour A-300 and C-300 share the same components and the same internal software. We are not going to write all that we have already written when testing the A-300 and we refer to it to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this Flash interface that has a universal jukebox and an applications market.


Multimedia compatibility

Intuitive, attractive interface

Built-in video jukebox

Applications market adapted to TV usage

Advanced options / high-end remote


No memory card reader

No VOD, nor TV catch-up service

Slowdowns in Blu-ray menus

The screen integration needs revisiting

Adding a Blu-ray player is costly


We like the hybrid concept but it works out too expensive for most. The addition of the colour LCD screen doesn’t as yet add much to what you get with the C-200. From a purely technical point of view, this is a very good piece of hardware and this is why it gets a 5-star rating and while not much more than a simple refresh on the previous model, the innovations are there and the built-in jukebox is a real added value.

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