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Popcorn Hour C-300: Complete Media Player with optional Blu-ray drive

The manufacturer of the Popcorn Hour announced today the “C-300”, a new high-end media player, successor of the C-200 and a variant of the A-300.

The “C-300 Popcorn Hour” actually combines the internal components of the recent A-300 and the metal case of the C-200. The newcomer is distinct from the A-300 by having a screen, which passes the color but shrinks relative to the C-200, a slot for removable hard disk but above all a place to the optional Blu-ray or DVD drive.

The screen allows to browse its content off TV, a decisive argument for music lovers, but now it is colored, reduced to 2.6 inches diagonally probably prevent in many cases to do it from the sofa.

There are also the successful combination of the recent Sigma Designs SMP8647 clocked at 800 MHz and supported by 512MB of RAM on one hand, and one of the most successful firmware in the field on the other hand, with a interface providing automatic content cataloging and obtaining subtitles on-the-fly via the Internet, and support almost all file formats, extending to backup copies of Blu-ray with their menus and their HD soundtracks. The important details are not forgotten, such as support for NTFS writing, particularly useful in the BitTorrent or Usenet download client and NAS function with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

The “Popcorn Hour C-300” will be launched in December with a retail price of $349. A tidy sum compared to the competition, combined yet with the cost of a hard drive and/or Blu-ray, one hundred dollars each.

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  1. Derek says:

    I wonder Popcorn Hour C-300 support “RMVB” file

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