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Popbox V8 Media Center Review

Syabas Technology (more known for its famous networked media players, the PopCorn Hour series) announced an exciting new media player based on the Sigma Designs 8671 chipset. We are talking about the PopBox V8, a device that is only 128 x 30.5 x 100mm in size, hiding the power of a beast.

Like any good device based on one of the latest chips from Sigma Designs, we have not only the main decoding of High Definition multimedia files (including MKV, M2TS or H.264) but also stereo downmix a DTS audio track. It also includes the ability to play DVD-ISO files (with menus) and BD-lite ISO format. With a 700Mhz processor and 256 MB of DDR2 memory, the speed of the interface is beyond question as you can see in this video:

As exciting additions, first the fact that we are facing a media player based on passive cooling, so you lovers of silence will be more than happy and secondly, to include access to Viewster on-demand video services and has the ability to access the Popcorn Hour Market with more than 80 applications to download.Equipped with a more than effective user interface with album art display ability, impressed by the possibility of automatic downloading of subtitles based on the name of the file you are viewing. With HDMI 1.3 output, Ethernet port for network playback and two USB ports for connecting external devices, we can only say that this is one of the most interesting device this season, especially considering that goes on sale for just € 120.


Extensive media compatibility  / Video audio synching

Built-in video jukebox

High quality applications catalogue

Backlit remote

YAMJ compatible for improved jukebox


No mosaic display

No zoom, nor rotation for photos

Audio playback interface


An excellent media centre that gives easy access to your content but which lacks certain features. Nothing too serious however and it will be ideal for film enthusiasts, who will find the built-in jukebox a real plus.

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