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[Poll Results] What is your primary HTPC software?

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Hi folks,

We finally have the results of our first poll What is your primary HTPC software? 

Thank you to all who participated here.

Below are the poll results. Meanwhlie we are preparing a new one regarding the TV’s Panel types. Check it out soon.

 What is your primary HTPC software? Results

  • XBMC (44%)
  • Win 7 Media Center (19%)
  • MediaPortal (11%)
  • MythTV (10%)
  • Boxee (6%)
  • Other (3%)
  • BeyondTV (3%)
  • SageTV (2%)
  • Plex (1%)
  • GBPVR (1%)
  • Vista/XP MCE (0%)

Total Voters: 201


  1. zach says:

    Wow, surprised to see I’m only in the 6% with boxee HTPC, figured a greater proportion would be using that. I’ve always gotten along well with it.

    -Zach, from the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Blog

  2. admin says:

    me too 🙂

  3. jbpr says:

    me myself 🙂 , tried almost all… and I use in one of my machines the MeedioOS that’s not on the poll. After testing, I now use XBMC.

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