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Pocket TV: Transform a regular television in a Android Smart TV

At a time when we no longer talk than networked TVs (Smart TV), what to do with your newly 60″ purchase, which unfortunately does not have the ability to connect to the web? Pocket TV could be a solution that will prevent you of having to reinvest again.

This little dongle running Android 4.0 ICS connects to a HDMI port on your TV and will give you access to all services and applications directly from your classic TV just as you already do through your smartphone or your tablet.

Succeeding in a way to the Infinitec USB, the Pocket TV has a 1 GHz processor, 4GB of internal memory, 512MB of RAM, a Micro SD slot, USB port (to connect a keyboard, mouse or remote control) and is capable of displaying videos at 1080p.

Initiated on Kickstarter, its creator has already collected $ 79,000 and still has 34 days to reach its  $100,000 target easily…

Finally, note that if the project goes into production, the Pocket TV should be sold for around $100.

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