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Plugable Wireless Audio Kit Connects Speakers to PC

  • Broadcast audio from your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC to remote speakers and headphones
  • Includes both USB-powered transmitter and battery-powered receiver
  • USB transmitter supports standard USB audio class. No drivers required
  • Up to 10 meter typical household distance. Up to 50 meters with line of sight
  • SYNIC chipset transmits audio to remote headset or speakers over 2.4Ghz DSSS wireless


Pairing and setup of wireless devices can be tricky.  Here’s a video which walks you through the process

Optional power adapter

The Plugable Wireless Audio Kit’s transmitter plugs into your PC via USB, and is powered by USB itself.

The remote audio receiver is only connected to your speakers (which provide no power).  The receiver is powered with a single AAA battery (one disposable battery included with kit).  Running on battery power, the receiver will sleep after 30 minutes of playback, requiring a button press to wake.

However, they also offer a power adapter for a more fixed installation (e.g. a stereo system receiving computer audio from the wireless kit).  The power adapter both eliminates the need for replacing batteries and also leaves the receiver running as long as audio is playing (until PC goes to sleep).

The wall AC power adapter is $14.99 with free priority shipping to any USA address.  Order here:


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