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Plextor M3S: a SSD with 24nm NAND

Plextor has added a new model of SSD to its catalog: the M3S. With 2.5-inches, this SSD uses a Marvell controller and NAND flash memory engraved in 24 nm by Toshiba. It has a 6 Gbps SATA interface and, depending on the manufacturer, reaches speeds of around 525 MB/s sequential read and 445 MB/s sequential write. As for performance in random, the M3S reached 70,000 IOPS read and 65,000 IOPS write.

Supplied with 3.5 inch mounting kit, the 128 GB and 256 GB versions of M3S should be available by the end of the month at the respective prices of $200 and $350. It will however wait until early next year to see the arrival of the 512 GB version at a retail price of $700

Note: It will have a 5-year warranty.

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