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Plex Media Center for OS X

Plex Media Center for OS X is a strong contender for XBMC, however, it is only available for Mac. Let me still get a few words out about Plex. Plex is based on XBMC meaning it was forked from the XBMC code in 2008. You will see the similarities right away and you will find a nearly equal set of features in Plex. You can even get the same skins for it. I used it for quite some time on my Mac Mini.

What I liked better in Plex was the Plugin management. It was much more convenient to search for and install plugins and my impression also was that there were more add-ons available, like TV shows from other countries.The Apple Movie Trailers plugin is great fun for us movie lovers.

The media player or codec analyzer in Plex though is less forgiving than the one in XBMC. I had some older music videos that played fine in all other media players but obviously had some format issues that Plex could not deal with. Starting a video from that library was practically impossible and stalled Plex. I had to step away from Plex for that reason.

Mouse support is very poor and again I wondered why that is. There is no reason really to ignore that little pointing device that was invented for a purpose after all. For many features you still have to use the keyboard – and what is more uncomfortable on a couch?

However, Plex still is a top product in its category and truely worth a look if you’re not entirely happy with XBMC for Mac.

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