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Pioneer VSX-1021, a 7.1 AV Amplifier with the Latest Technologies

The multi-channel Pioneer VSX-1021 amplifier is a smart and very complete device carrying a high-quality electronics designed to provide both excellent sound when playing the soundtracks of movies such as when the source is music. When playing movies, it’s compatible with most modern sound cinema formats and HD. For that it has seven channels plus one extra for bass.

With the sound from musical sources also behaves very well. In fact, apart from the inputs connected to the rear panel, you can play wirelessly over Wi-Fi, or thanks to support for Apple Airplay, other files installed on multiple machines in home. When playing audio it is compatible with the most common formats but also with other audiophile and lossless as LPCM, WAV or FLAC.

The VSX-1021 is able to become the hub of an advanced entertainment system, and besides the usual connections it can communicate with an iPod, iPhone or iPhone for playback, but these devices can also have the remote control functions with the respective app. It has the ability to connect to local cable networks and wireless, and through them can connect to Internet radio stations to play. In it’s back it has six HDMI inputs.

The equipment installation is no problem. No need to find the optimal locations for the speakers in the room. You can place a little more flexibility because the VSX-1021 make readings of the room to calibrate the speakers to provide the best possible sound. Finally, it is compatible with Air Jam, a Bluetooth-based application that allows playback of music charts in which the songs are distributed among various Apple devices. This list can be elaborated by several users. For just $500 you can put the best technology in the living room.

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