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Pioneer VSX-1020-K AV Receiver Review

Pioneer is a company known for making quality electronics, and they live up to that with their Pioneer VSX-1020-K. This is one of the best AV receivers we reviewed and earned the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award. It has all the needed features, abilities and performance capabilities you could want. Generally there is something negative about most electronics, but we had to stretch out to the remote to find a flaw this time. Since the remote can easily be replaced with a better third-party one or a universal remote, that may be the best choice.

If there had to be another flaw then we’d say the warranty. It only covers you for a year, but that is pretty common for AV receivers. Most are either one or two years long, which is enough time to take care of any defects usually. However, it would be nice to see a manufacture that builds a product well enough to tack on a lifetime warranty and not be worried about it coming back to bite them. It’s true that no company will probably ever do that for the majority of electronics, but we can hope right?



The VSX-1020-K has a very low total harmonic distortion level.



The remote could use some work. You may find the best option is to replace it.



In short, this AV receiver is one of the best we reviewed. The Pioneer VSX-1020-K has high performance, plenty of HDMI and other ports, a nice coverage of commonly used sound enhancing technology, as well as a good feature set. Does it come at extra cost? Not at all. In the group of reviewed products, this one falls about in the middle, which makes it great for the level of quality and performance that you are wanting. In the world of beginner 7.1 AV receivers, this is about the best deal out there.

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