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Pioneer SC-37 Elite AV Receiver Review

Pioneer, once a leader in the HDTV space, has since retooled its operations to focus mainly on home theater electronics, i.e. Blu-ray players, amplifiers, speakers and of course AV receivers. Pioneer has always provided an elevated lineup of products under the Elite moniker and the SC-37 reviewed here is Pioneer’s most elite AV receiver.

At $2,200 retail the SC-37 is not only Pioneer’s most expensive AV receiver but also it’s largest and most powerful, measuring in at 16 and a half inches wide by nearly eight inches tall and over 18 inches deep with Pioneer’s own Direct Energy HD amplification churning out an impressive 140 Watts across all seven of its channels, making the SC-37 an ideal home theater receiver for anyone with a 7.1 home cinema. The SC-37 is 3D compatible thanks to its six HDMI V1.4a inputs. Speaking of HDMI, the SC-37 has two HDMI outputs for those, like me, who choose to run both an HDTV and a front projector in the same space. As well as being on the cutting edge of today’s video formats, the SC-37 also supports and is capable of playing back the latest surround sound codecs including, but not limited to, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The SC-37 is also THX Ultra 2 Plus certified. The SC-37 also features Pioneer’s MCACC which stands for Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system, which like Audyssey is an automated room correction program included with the SC-37; however the MCACC corrects for phase, standing waves, distance, polarity, EQ and crossover points.


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