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Philips presents the DUAL Keyboard Remote at IBC 2010

Wondering how one is going to navigate websites or input text on next-generation smart TVs? Well, Philips has a new remote solution that should be able to take the challenge head-on. The new Philips Home Control DUAL is the first TV remote to include a backside QWERTY keyboard, pointer, touchpad, gesture controls, 4 directional keys, and an optical sensor to manipulate an on-screen cursor and form fields with relative ease from your couch. Of course, you won’t be using all functions at once, but you will have the option to use whichever medium works best for the intended task. Stay tuned for availability and pricing. Press release attached below.

Philips Home Control unveils DUAL, a unique keyboard remote

IBC 2010, Amsterdam – Philips Home Control is launching DUAL; a keyboard remote as the must-see novelty at IBC. It’s the perfect solution to tackle the growing need for interactive devices allowing for text input.

Whereas in the past web access and interaction was restricted to PC devices, nowadays there is a clear trend that Broadcast Service providers, Consumer Electronics manufacturers as well as PC manufacturers are looking into offering two-way enabled connected devices for the living room. New features already available today include media-guides, web browsing as well as widgets accessing tightly integrated social and information-based contents & applications.

Research confirms that almost 75% of the TV viewers would like the opportunity to interact with TV programs, advertising and online contents using the remote control. In addition, social networking at local TV stations has gained considerable significance over the past year, as broadcasters integrate this feature into their online presence and storytelling.

Traditional on-screen user interface and remote controls are not designed or adequate to handle these features and thus a new approach is required. And while service providers are investing in new on-screen user interfaces, these can only offer a fulfilling user experience when combined with intuitive wireless input & control devices.

With its new keyboard remote, Philips Home Control provides the perfect solution and shows that sophistication and innovation can go hand in hand. The new product is a remote and a keyboard in one, with the top side featuring a remote control, and the bottom side featuring a keyboard.

By simply turning the remote, a keyboard is available allowing text input as needed in media search, instant messaging and web browsing purposes.

The appliance is equipped with alternate input methods like pointing, touchpad, or optical sensor, allowing user interfaces to implement free cursor, gesturing and moving highlight mechanisms thereby making browsing a better experience than the traditional 4 directional keys.

“This new keyboard remote shows that we are on top of the upcoming trend” says Rick Siu, Director Product Management, Philips Home Control. “It was challenging to develop this remote to cater for all these features, while at the same time we wanted the design to be slim, easy to operate and modern looking. From the enormous interest we have gathered during the pre-launch period, I can honestly say we succeeded with glory.”


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