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Philips Fidelio AW1000: an affordable audio gateway

Philips recently announced the Fidelio AW1000, an audio gateway that provides, independent to any existing audio equipment, the same functionality as the connected systems of to the Fidelio line.

Consumers have plenty of choices in network video players, but in audio, since the stopping of the Logitech Squeezebox line, there was no more than luxurious Hi-Fi players or expensive multi-room systems such as Sonos.

Philips therefore fills this segment with the Fidelio AW1000. Connected to the LAN and to the Internet via Wi-Fi N or Ethernet, it can receive all kinds of audio and broadcast them on existing equipment via its optical or coaxial SPDIF output, or its analog RCA outputs.

Its UPnP compatibility (where DLNA is derived) allows software and compatible devices, such as Windows Media Player and most Android smartphones, to send the streaming music. Its front display and a few buttons allows them to access Internet radio. Finally, the AirStudio application for Android and iOS allows you to configure other sources, such as network shares (SMB) or obscure online services (no Deezer or Rdio or Spotify). MP3, AAC, OGG and FLAC are decoded. Unfortunately AirPlay is not in the game.

The Philips Fidelio AW1000 will be sold to public for $150. It is still expensive, but it is much less expensive than most of the solutions already on the market.

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