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Philips Econova 42PFL6805 LED TV hits Europe

Philips launched the Econova 42PFL6805, the greenest LED TV in europe with a solar remote control. The Econova 42PFL6805 42-inch LED TV reached a historical low, requires only 40 watts in eco mode. It uses LED lighting technology to reduce energy consumption up to 60%. In addition, the Zeo Power Switch completely turn off your HDTV, 0-watts when turned off.


Philips Econova LED TV is made of materials, including 60% recycled aluminum, easily recycled and have been used previously. It comes with a solar powered remote control and a 2-in-a standard that can be used as a tabletop and an easy to install wall bracket. The 42-inch HDTV with a 100 Hz Clear LCD with full HD resolution and Pixel Plus HD technology. It also packs built-in speakers with 20W RMS Clear Sound technology.

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