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Philips BDL4251VS: 3D TV without glasses and very large angles

Philips has announced its new 3D TV model and has the characteristic of not requiring glasses, while enjoying relatively large viewing angles.

3D TVs are still struggling to take off and this can be explained by the fact that many households are already equipped with new screens. These purchases are made ​​to last. So, mainly, it is consumers who still have older televisions that will potentially turn to this type of product.

While LG has recently introduced its model, Philips announced also its 3D TV that does not require glasses to take effect in three-dimensions. This implementation is possible because of product development in conjunction with the Dimenco, a company specializing in the manufacture of panels 3D without glasses.

BDL4251VS , this 42-inch with lenticular technology and through 28 views, can enjoy the visual effects from different angles. This advantage itself allows the TV to stand out from the competition, but it is still confined to a precise placement of the viewer in front of the screen to effectively enjoy stereoscopic 3D.

Philips has not yet revealed the price of TV BDL4251VS, but its release is planned for mid-December 2011, just in time to land under the Christmas tree.

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