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Philips 42PFL7606H Review

The 7000 series from Philips is part of the manufacturer’s collection of mid-range televisions, and sits a notch above the Philips 40PFL6606H which we tested back in June.  It still has support for 3D TV, but uses a more affordable system than active glasses, using instead the same polarised 3D glasses you find at your local cinema.

3D support aside, the PFL7606H boasts a very stylish design.  Rather than the usual glossy black plastic, both the stand and the frame are made using the same top quality metal.  The IPS display has a matte finish, which will be welcome news for anybody with a south-facing living room who’s used to having a glossy screen.

Philips TVs are synonymous with the firm’s Ambilight Spectra 2 technology.  It features two rows of LEDs behind the TV that shine onto the wall, producing a gentle glow visible to viewers which varies according to the picture on screen.


Attractive results in 2D and 3D

Light, comfortable 3D glasses and accurate colour reproduction (deltaE: 2.2)

Stylish design and matte finish with few reflections

Good quality audio and low energy consumption (70 W)

Not much crosstalk and less eyestrain than with active 3D technology


Contrast ratio not quite perfect (950:1)

Media player doesn’t support enough video formats

Narrow viewing angles in 3D


The Philips PFL7606 has an excellent picture in both 2D and 3D, although the poor contrast ratio of 950:1 produced by its IPS display lets it down.  That’s the only thing that prevents it from gaining an extra star in our rating.

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