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Philips 42PDL7906H Full HD LED TV Review

Back with Philips’ 7000 Series line of TVs, today we’re looking at the PDL7906H, which you can get in two different sizes: 32”, the 32PDL7906H, and this 42” model, the 42PDL7906H.  Like the PFL7606H, both units are at the heart of the firm’s mid-range offering of 3D TVs.  The specifications suggest that they have a similar range of features too—but this new TV has clearly had something of an Apple-inspired redesign!


Great picture in 2D and 3D

Light, comfortable 3D and accurate colour reproduction (deltaE: 3.1)

Bold new design pays off

Good audio quality and low energy consumption (70 W)

Crosstalk kept to a minimum and passive 3D easier to watch


Media player doesn’t support enough video formats

Narrow viewing angles in 3D

Contrast a little weak for everyday viewing (1270:1)

Some clouding on our test unit


As well as a sexy new design, the Philips PDL7906H TV produces a great picture in both 2D and 3D, and its only weakness is slightly disappointing contrast.

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