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Philips 40PFL8606H Review

As it did last year, Philips has positioned the 8000 Series as a mid-range  offering in its TV collection.  The new PFL8606H has picked up the  baton from last year and offers both active 3D and features that are  becoming increasingly standard, like online services and motion  interpolation filters.


Good quality picture in 2D and 3D

Anti-glare finish keeps reflections away

Accurate colour reproduction (deltaE: 3.1), very high contrast ratio and wider viewing angles than most LCD TVs

Great audio and low energy consumption (85 W)

Crosstalk kept to an absolute minimum


Media player only just about average

No 3D glasses supplied


Philips is definitely on a roll this year with its TVs this year!  The PFL8606H produces a great picture in two dimensions as well as three.  Not happy with being one of the most responsive we’ve seen, producing sky-high contrast ratios and getting colours spot on, its display is also exempt from problems with clouding.  It’s hard to do better than that!

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