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Paradigm Monitor Series 7 with Magnetic Screen

The Canadian Paradigm recently renewed its Monitor series, which comes now in its seventh version. The new Monitor  series 7 has three towers and two bookshelf models. Besides the design, the boxes come with a redesigned internal architecture, derived from the top line Reference Studio, and has better quality components, according to the manufacturer.

Among the changes is a magnetic screen with double magnets, capable of precise adjustment of the baffle, and a honeycomb design, to prevent the sound being trapped in the corners of the accessory. The goal is to ensure a more spacious presentation and transparent sound.

Another novelty in the Monitor series 7 is a firm foundation in the towers, whose purpose is to provide stability to the structure of the cabinet. Paradigm also decided to enhance the sound pressure, increasing the sensitivity of the speakers, which enables the boxes to work with a wide variety of receivers on the market.

With 105cm in height, Monitor 11 series 7 is the highlight of the line by offering a three-way crossover, which monitors five speakers, including three bass woofers 6.5 “, a 5.5″ midrange and a 1” tweeter. The Paradigm tower has a sensitivity of 93dB and accepts up to 250W amplification.

As follows are the full prices for the new lineup:

  • Atom Monitor: $199
  • Mini Monitor: $279
  • Monitor 7: $449
  • Monitor 9: $599
  • Monitor 11: $799
  • Center 1: $379
  • Center 3: $599
  • Surround 1: $279
  • Surround 3 $399

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