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Paradigm Cinema 100 CT (Compact Theater) Speaker System Review

If you want a 5.1 home theater system that is very affordable, you should look into the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT speaker system. reviewer Alex Lezcano put it to the test. Here’s how it did.

Paradigm is one of Canada’s premiere loudspeaker manufacturers, with one of the widest product ranges in the business. Knowing this, I was delighted to have the opportunity to review one of their newest offerings, the Cinema 100 CT (Compact Theater) Speaker System. Retailing for $999, the Paradigm Cinema 100 CT is aimed at the budget-conscious consumer and serves as a starting point for any budding home theater enthusiast. The Paradigm Cinema 100 CT comes with five matching Cinema 100 satellite speakers and one Cinema Sub subwoofer. The Cinema 100 CT system isn’t the first of its kind to try to blend affordability with sound quality, but when it comes to Paradigm, the question is never can they pull it off, the question becomes how well they do it.

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