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Origen AE H5 HTPC Case

The H5 enclosure is the original statement of Origen AE’s design ethos and commitment to provide high quality, beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing HTPC enclosures. Being the first chassis specifically crafted for use as a Home Theater PC, the Origen AE H5 has been carefully planned to maximize the consumers experience, from the finely machined aluminium front and side panels to the supreme brushed anodised finish of the aluminium, every detail has been engineered for maximum effect.

The H5 is the benchmark from which all other HTPC chassis are gauged by. You know what they say, good design never ages, and this statement certainly holds true in the case of the stylishly elegant H5.



– VFD Module (VF110)
– 8mm aluminium front face plate
– support for 2 x 60mm exhaust fan
– matched cd/dvd drive bezel
– blue illuminated power LED
– mce compatible VFD/IR module
– support for 1 hard drives



external dimensions (WxHxD)

construction materials

mainboard support

psu support

pci / agp card support

drive bays

fan support

expansion slots

front I/O ports

net weight

available colours

– 435 x 150* x 458mm (*inc feet)

– all aluminium chassis

– atx

– micro atx

– full size

– 1 X 3.5″ internal drive bays
– 1 X 5.25″ external drive bay

– 2 X 60mm rear exhaust fans

– 7

– none

– ~4.54kg

– black, silver

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