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Optoma HD8300 3D DLP Front Projector Review

Optoma is probably better  known for affordability than outright performance. This is why  projectors such as Optoma’s HD33 at $1,499 retail have been their bread  and butter for years – surpassed only by their educational and business  offerings. So it begs the question, what is a value-oriented brand like  Optoma thinking by releasing a performance driven front projector such  as the HD8300 reviewed here? After spending a few weeks with it in my  own home, my question to Optoma would be: Why haven’t you pushed your  performance line of products harder?

Retailing for $4,499 (with street prices even lower still) the HD8300 isn’t cheap, but considering it goes toe-to-toe with Sony’s SXRD, JVC’s D-ILA and even SIM2’s and Digital Projection’s (DPI) higher-end offerings, it’s not  unobtainable either. While Sony and JVC’s projectors aren’t DLP-based  like the HD8300, they generally cost more and when compared against  other DLP offerings from SIM2 and DPI, the HD8300 is positively  affordable. So what does the HD8300’s nearly $4,500 asking price get  you?

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