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Optoma HD33 3D Projector Review

While watching 3D content in the home on a 50-inch plasma is certainly a good time, 3D through a projector on a 100-inch screen is epic. I say “content” rather than movies because my experience has been that sports, certain documentaries and even video games are at least as entertaining as 3D movies and sometimes more so. The problem is that getting a 3D image of that size in the home has, until recently, been cost prohibitive. Enter Optoma, a projector manufacturer well known for their price to performance ratio and makers of projectors for the business, education and home entertainment markets.

I’ve been using an Optoma HD65 for the last several years and couldn’t be happier with its performance. The fact that I paid $700 for it is just icing on the cake. The focus of this review is the latest in Optoma’s entertainment line – the 1080p, fully 3D capable HD33 DLP projector. The most striking aspect of this model is its price tag, which at $1,500 retail is likely to turn the 3D home theater projector world upside down. Case in point:’s Adrienne Maxwell recently reviewed the least expensive 3D capable JVC projector, which retails for a whopping $4,500. While I can’t speak to its performance, as I haven’t had a demo, I can say that I doubt its performance is three times that of the HD33.

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