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Optoma HD25 and Optoma HD25LV: Entry-level Full HD 3D DLP Projectors

Optoma has unveiled at ISE 2013 two new Full HD 3D  DLP Home Theater projectors, the Optoma HD25 and the  Optoma  HD25LV.


Pending the small details on these new projectors, here are the highlights. Both projectors are 3D Ready compatible (DLP Link) and integrate the new TI 4244 Dark Chip 3 DLP, already expected for several months. About specifications we find a 3 RGB segments without Brilliant Color, with a brightness of 1300 lumens for the HD25 and 3000 lumens for HD25LV, and a dynamic contrast of 20 000:1. None of the two new models integrates an image interpolation system.

No price for the moment, however, the release is already scheduled for late February.

Optoma HD25 / Optoma HD 25LV

1300 lumens (HD25) 3000 Lumens (HD25LV)
New TI 4244 dark chip 3 chipset
3 RGB segments(no brilliant color)
3D Ready DLP-LINK and RF

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