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OpenElec 2.0: Turning an old PC into a Media Center

The evolution of computing makes the hardware to quickly become obsolete. An old PC is far from useless and lots of possibilities of use are available such as turning it into a media center.  The online availability of OpenELEC 2.0 (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) provides a software environment helping to transform a configuration into an HTPC.

The first stable version of the OpenELEC 2.0 distribution is available for download. It offers an environment based on XBMC v11 dedicated to multimedia use with the presence of the XBMC Eden that supports an almost infinite range of remote controls, all in a Media Center interface type. Note that XBMC is also available as a direct download for platforms OS X, Linux, Windows and iOS.

Installing OpenELEC 2.0 claims only 125 MB, which is light and answers to the presence of a small storage unit. The line of development is to provide the bulk with high performance. On this issue, it is pointed out that only 10 seconds are needed to start the distribution. The system comes with an automatic update if an internet connection is present. Once installed, the media files will be recognized as well as the external storage media (external hard drive, NAS, USB …) or sharing files over a network.

You may download the OpenElec 2.0 at

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