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One For All Urc 6410 e 6420 Remote Controls

Today we present two new devices that will delight the home living, we’re talking about a remote control  from One For All. An universal remote control that will help us manage centrally our home electronic devices. We know that these devices suffer much from the handling and therefore they have to be as resistant as possible.

The new One For All URC 6410 Easy & T and URC 6420 Robust Easy & Robust 2-in1 have basic controls and have a protective rubber strip to cushion the falls that are quite common in this kind of thing, producing less damage possible in thy remote.

The 6410 model is the simplest of the two, a remote that can be used in most TV brands and have automatic configuration also. The functions provided are really basic, volume control, channel switching, on and off, teletext and a few others. The downside is that it can handle one device at the same.

For a more complete one that allows the management of both devices at once, we have available 6420, with automatic settings for both TV’s, receivers, cable devices and so on.

The price of both controls is 17 € for the most basic and 19 € for the other.

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