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One For All Smart Motion Control: Control your Devices with a Simple Gesture

Today, One For All presented a little bit special remote control, the One For All Smart Motion Control, that allows to control remotely its devices with a simple hand movement…

The One For All Smart Motion Control (URC7962) Universal Remote allows access to the most common features of its products with a simple gesture. The Smart Motion Control includes the recognition of six simple movements for each unit, giving this type of control for a Blu-ray:

  • A pulse down > Pause
  • A pulse up > Play
  • Fast movement to the right > Fast Forward
  • Fast movement to the left > Rewind
  • Two quick taps > Mute
  • Flip the remote > Switching Off

The example can also be applied to a TV, a digital recorder, amplifier, etc.. It also has the activity Smart Control function, a Learning and Macro mode, and includes a button “www” to launch the internet TV apps menu. As with all remote control of the manufacturer, it is also equipped with the Quick Setup: the One For All Easy Set. Finally, to finish, the Smart Motion Control remote is compatible with a wide variety of devices: TV, video projector, home cinema amplifiers, Blu-ray / Blu-ray 3D, SAT / Cable / DVB-T, IPTV, MP3 dock, Windows MCE, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Universal Remote One For All Smart Motion Control (URC 7962) will be available in November 2011, the target price of 39.99 euros.

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