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Old PC to HTPC Project

Full Description

This is a multipart video that demonstrates the anatomy of a pc, and the assembly of spare parts computer to use as my home theater pc.

The computer works great, playing Blu-ray disks, streaming Hulu and Netflix, play all my hard drive videos, pictures and music, and serves as a general home theater hub. With an add-on TV tuner card, you could also watch cable TV, antenna or over the air broadcasting through your pc.



  • Dell GX620 tower computer
  • 3.8GHz P4 processor
  • 4gb of memory
  • 250GB Hard drive
  • XFX NVidia 9800GT Graphics PCIE Card
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Engenius Wireless Adaptor
  • 2TB hard drive for multimedia files storage (Not shown in this movie)
  • Logitech Z-5500 THX certified 5.1 digital surround sound speaks
  • Eiki LC-XG110 Projector with a 125″ diagonal screen
  • Netflix Streaming – Mad Man =D


Part 1 – Anatomy of a PC 

Anatomy of a PC 101 or in this case, a home theater pc (HTPC).

I give a quick rundown of all the components typically found in a computer. Great entry level intro for people that have never looked inside their pc before.

I am always a bit surprised that many people have never opened their computers to see how simple it really is. Once you understand that a computer is just a bunch of parts working together, it becomes easier to understand how to fix it if something goes wrong. For example if your hard drive fails, you replace the hard drive, not the entire computer. Or if a video card fails… yup you guessed it, replace it.

Part 2 – Assemble the HTPC

I quickly assemble all components of the computer to show how it all comes together.

Part 3 – Airflow Clearance

I demonstrate proper routing of cables to ensure clear airflow.

Part 4 – Projector + CPU

I demo the completed setup of the assembled PC, with my projector and sub woofer speaker.

Part 5 – Demo HTPC in action with projector

I quickly show the quality of the HTPC projection in the day time.  Sorry, my house isn’t really equipt for daytime viewing =D.  Notice that even though this is an older home theater computer, the framerate and performance are very good.

by JavelinITtubes

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