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Official XBMC Remote for Android Hits the Android Market

Team XBMC has gone against their word, but in a good way. Previously they only distributed their awesome Official XBMC Remote for Android app on the project’s Google Code page stating “once we’re happy with it, we’ll put it on the Android Market.” Well, apparently Team XBMC is as happy with the app as I am because they added it to the Android Market today.

Official XBMC Remote for Android is not the v1.0 version they scheduled to hit the Market but it’s more than good enough to be appreciated by the masses. The current version is v0.8.1 beta which introduces the following changes over v0.7.1:

  • Added: Customizable home screen.
  • Fixed: Potentially wrong sort order when queueing songs.
  • Fixed: Wrong rounding in movie ratings.
  • Fixed: Various other bugs

Holding off adding the app to the Market was understandable, well, because people can be idiotic and leave nasty ratings on a work-in-progress beta app. Don’t be that way. If you have questions or issues with the app, hit up the XBMC forums and you’ll be taken care of.

Android owners, use the QR code below to download the app. Enjoy and share you love (or hate) for this app in the comments!

Read more at XBMC.

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