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Official AMD Llano Fusion A-Series APU’s Benchmark Performance

In a few more weeks, the Intel Sandy bridge will face a new challenger, the AMD LIano.

AMD LIano is the new processor series that is based on AMD Fusion, integrating the graphics processor into the same package of the processor.

So, how does the AMD LIano performs against the Intel Sandybridge? We take a look at two comparison running different processors on INTEL and AMD platform for 3DMark Vantage and PC Mark Vantage.

In both tests, The AMD A-Series APU’s were pitted against three Intel Processors which included an entry level i3 2100 and high end i5 2500/i7 2600 models.

In the 3DMark Vantage benchmark Llano Fusion AMD A series outperforms the Intel counterparts. In fact, even the A4-3350 is 100% faster than the Core i3-2100 in this test.

With a Core i7-2600K, the performance is 2124 which is just slightly better than A4-3350. With an A8-3550, it basically surpasses the Core i7-2600K in 3DMark Vantage test.

In PC Mark Vantage, the Intel seems to have the upper hand. With a Core i3-2100, it easily triumps over the A4-3350. Only with A6-3450 or A8-3550, we see the difference narrows down to a few percentage points.

With the higher end Core i5-2500 and Core i7-2600K, the performance far exceeds the A8-3550, scoring 8503 and 8900. which is more than 28% and 34% respectively when compared to the A8-3550.


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