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ODROID-U: the future of computers?

$ 69, 5cm wide and quad-core processor, is this machine more powerful than your PC?

Week after week, ARM chips and other SoC under RISC architecture, are gaining more ground. Their advantages are undeniable, offering more power for consumption and a small price to compete (if it really exists).

Called the ODROID-U, this mini PC with a black aluminum radiator, that the total does not measure 6 cm square. Under the hood, emerges a Exynos processor, a quad-core 1.4GHz coupled with the famous Mali 400 GPU. The Exynos chip, designed by Samsung itself is not unknown to the general public, a Galaxy S III is already benefiting of it.

Unlike many developing boards, the ODROID-U is distinguished by its power and its Lilliputian size. The machine is three times better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and promises fluidity under a relatively heavy environment (Ubuntu – Unity), as evidenced by this video demonstration.


The board has 1GB of RAM, a microSD reader, two USB ports and the unforgettable Ethernet connector. The display is in turn carried by an micro HDMI output. A rudimentary connection of course, but enough to accomplish basic tasks.

For an extra $ 20 you will be entitled to a faster processor (1.7 GHz), 2GB of memory and an input audio jack connector. What to consider on replacing an old computer with something cheap. Remains to know more on the software and support for Linux, but the simple fact that Ubuntu runs without difficulty seems conclusive.

Ready for the smallest PC in the world as of January 2013?

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