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OCZ Vector: New SSD over 500 MB/sec

OCZ has just announced a new SSD, the Vector. A model that uses a SATA III interface and Barefoot 3 controller, which is actually made up of a ARM  chip and an Aragon coprocessor. There is also the cache memory and MLC chips in 25 nm synchronous type.

The SSD will be available in 128, 256 and 512 GB, for a reading speed of 550 MB/s on all models and writing of 400 MB/s on the 128 GB and 530 MB/s on the 256 and 512 GB  models.

About IOPS  on the random 4 KB read and write, OCZ announces 90,000/95,000 IOPS on the 128GB and the 95,000/100,000 IOPS on the 256 and 512 GB models.


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